Research @ LCS2

We work on five primary verticals. Visit particular dimension for a detailed view of projects and related works.

  • 5 projects

Cyber informatics

We design models for detecting and mitigating various cybercrimes on online social media including the spread of fake news, misinformation, fraud activities, black-market driven collusion, hate and offensive speech, and cyberbullying.

  • 4 projects

Graph Mining / Complex Networks

We study social, information and scientific networks to explore various structural (community, network growth, cascade) and behavioural (influence, trust) properties of nodes and edges.

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Conversational Dialogs

We regard various modules of a dialog system, such as intent classification, slot-filling, dialog-act classification, dialog management, and dialog generation, for both goal-oriented and generic conversational chatbots. Moreover, we inspect conversational dialogs for various supplementary tasks as well, e.g., speaker profiling, emotion-flip reasoning, etc.

  • 3 projects

Code-mixed and Low Resource Language Processing

We explore a wide range of natural language processing tasks in the vicinity of code-mixed and low-resource languages in Indian context. The prime objective is to facilitate the technology to a vast non-native English speakers.

  • 3 projects


We study the interdisciplinary domain of speech and/or vision modalities with the textual processing for a number of traditional and recent natural language processing tasks such as summarization, opinion mining, emotion analysis, sarcasm detection, offensive post detection, etc.

  • 4 projects

AI for Mental Health

Our research is focused on the development and analysis of AI-based counseling methods. Our work encompasses a broad range of domains, including dialogue understanding, summarization, and generation, as well as conversational analysis. We are exploring multiple counseling conversational settings, such as one-to-one counseling, peer counseling, and virtual assistant-guided counseling.